Nadia Doutcheva

Credentials: M.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering, B.S.. Industrial and Systems Engineering

Position title: PhD Candidate in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Nadia Doutcheva

Nadia Doutcheva is a PhD Student in Cognitive Human Factors Engineering in Werner Lab, minoring in Computer Science. She is interested in interface design, user experience, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality.

Nadia wants to work in industry, mixing human factors and technology to create immersive, efficient, and effective tools for all people and all tasks. Nadia is currently working on decision making frameworks for caregivers of vulnerable patients. This includes caregivers of children with complex conditions, older adults, and other underrepresented populations of patients. Nadia hopes to create design guidelines for design aids within sociotechnical system frameworks that help people make better decisions.

Nadia Doutcheva has her bachelor’s degree in Industrial and System Engineering from Virginia Tech, where she worked in Dr. Gabbard’s lab COGENT (Cognitive Engineering for Novel Technologies) performing experiments in a driving simulator and finding out how augmented reality (AR) affects driving depth perception. She was a part of the NSF funded International Research Experience for Engineering Students (IRES) during the summer of 2014, where she went to the University of Nottingham to design and run a study on driving and AR.

Nadia is passionate about social justice, the environment, riding her bike, new technologies including wearable and Google products, and all things Harry Potter. Nadia runs the Werner Lab social media, so you can find her tweeting on behalf of Werner Lab at @WernerLabUW.

You can find out more about Nadia on her website, Linked In, and Google Scholar pages.