Hanna Barton

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PhD student in Industrial and Systems Engineering

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering

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Hanna Barton is a PhD Student in Human Factors and Health Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is passionate about designing systems and technologies that really work for people, by aligning people, their behaviors and actions, with what really matters to them.

In the Werner lab, she works primarily on the @HOME project, seeking to understand how caregivers of children with medical complexity have to workaround obstacles or challenges in order to effectively integrate and provide daily care in the home. She also assists in the design and development of technology to support in-home caregivers.

When she is not in the Werner lab, you will likely find Hanna working for the Global Health Institute as the ‘Science and Art of Change’ intern. She loves the work she does with GHI for its global impact and integrative and interdisciplinary nature. (She secretly likes to think that this is also a Human Factors job).

Hanna holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with certificates in Gender and Women’s studies and Honors Biology, which give her a unique and varied perspective on health technology, design, and research. She brings a gender and feminism lens to all of her work.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Hanna is a retired discus thrower who ranks among the top throwers ever to compete at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Since throwing the discus for the last time, she has had more time for her other interests like: leading Introductions to the Landmark Forum, advocating for LGBTQ+ folk, listening to her favorite podcast (99 Percent Invisible), belting her favorite musical (currently ‘Dear Evan Hansen’), daydreaming about traveling to other countries, organizing design thinking events on campus as a University Innovation Fellow, watching movies with her husband, Mason, and playing with her cozy pet cats and rats.