Connor Pardell

Connor Pardell

Connor Pardell specializes in Healthcare Operations and Technology Management (OTM) in the Wisconsin School of Business after spending three years as a project manager for Epic, the premier electronic health record vendor, specializing in the operating room and anesthesia applications.

At Epic, Connor managed large health organization installs, including Partners Healthcare in Boston and Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Connor worked closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, allied health professionals and health IT staff to customize Epic’s malleable platform to meet each group’s specific needs. As a manager, Connor gained valuable insight into health network organizational structure as well as refined his project management, problem solving and leadership skills.

Connor joined the OTM program with sights on improving organizational and operational efficiency. Specializing in the healthcare management program with an entrepreneurship certificate, Connor is looking to utilize creative solutions and comprehensive management tactics to decrease cost while improving product delivery.

Connor graduated as the varsity captain on the Men’s Polo team with a BS in Biometry and Statistics from Cornell University. When arriving in Madison in 2013, Connor worked with Madison community members as a founding member of the University of Wisconsin Polo Team and continues to assist the team during practices and matches.

Connor is joining the Werner Lab as an assistant on the HelpCare Connect project. HelpCare Connect assists dementia caregiver interconnectivity while helping caregivers organize their care and improve their caregiving through behavior strategy learning. Connor brings his knowledge and background in healthcare IT and project management to the HelpCare Connect team. Connor is exited to bring the product from design to delivery with the cross-functional HelpCare Connect team.