Ashish Vishwanath Shenoy

Ashish Shenoy

Ashish Shenoy is a Master's in Computer Science student specializing in Machine Learning and Big Data Systems at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ashish did his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering from R V College of Engineering, Bangalore and comes with 2 years of software development experience having worked previously at NetApp and Amazon Web Services.

Ashish joined the Werner Lab in the Fall of 2016 to work on the HelpCare Connect project. HelpCare Connect assists dementia caregiver interconnectivity while helping caregivers organize their care and improve their caregiving through behavior strategy learning. Ashish will be the lead full stack software developer in the HelpCare Connect team and will also be investigating the application of machine learning in improving the overall experience of the app.

Ashish will be joining Amazon in the summer